One of Mick's great loves in life is the privilege to speak and share on themes that inspire others, delivered in an entertaining and insightful way. His messages are known to create positive change and lasting motivation.

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Keynote 1: Meeting The Muse

How to live an inspired life, connect with your own creativity and engage with the interests of others. Based on the principles in Mick’s book, Meeting The Muse.

Mick is the author of Meeting the Muse, a story written to inspire creatives to fall more in love with their craft while also valuing how inspiration is not experienced in a silo, but rather hinges on the choice to connect with others, and the world at large, in an authentic and enthusiastic way. His keynote presentation is based on the principles of the book. Using humour and insight into what motivates the human heart and inspires the best parts of our creative minds, Mick's message will leave the audience inspired and motivated to experience the joy and adventure of a life filled with genuine connections, and courage to keep chasing their creative dreams.

#2: The Story Behind The Sale

An entertaining and insightful
presentation about how the
structure of storytelling overlays
the way we sell and do business.

#3: Mind The Mouse Trap

Learn why your brain’s default setting is to lure you into self-sabotage and how to rewire it to lead you into self-mastery instead. Based on Mick’s upcoming book,
Mind The Mouse Trap.

#4: Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

An inspiring talk on the the often overlooked small hinges in our lives that swing the big doors open when valued and nurtured: Gratitude, grace, and generosity.


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