Don’t roll the dice. Be strategic with story. Win on purpose.

Leading With LinkedIn

This six-month mentoring program empowers Senior Leaders to develop and leverage their personal brand to achieve corporate goals while also scaling their leadership and influence reach.

Co-Creating Your First Business Book

One of the most effective ways to scale your influence within your organisation and in the marketplace is through becoming a published author. This mentoring program ensures you get it done in a strategic, engaging, and time-efficient manner.

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Leading Change with Story

There are many change processes you can use as an implementation model. But a process is not enough. It’s critical to also empower individuals to engage in the change, overcome the inevitable points of resistance, and find their courage to progress through to transformation.

I help organisation succeed in change and growth strategies with a universally compelling story framework for change that empowers individual team members to find their place and purpose in the change, and ultimately play a pivitol role in the organisations strategic success.

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Brand Values, Purpose, Story Foundations

This program facilitates the process of setting your brand values, articulating your purpose, and crafting your brand story is the foundations of truly transformative internal and external communication. 

Keynote Speaker

Empower your audience to make the connection between the change they want to successfully navigate through and the universal framework of story. Understanding story in a strategic way is the fastest and most effective way to help people connect with any change initiative. 

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