About Mick Mooney

"I believe the goal of life is greater connection, and the vehicle to reach that goal is daring achievement."

Connection is all-inclusive and expansive

Connection is not only about family and friends. It's about creativity and art, too. It's about culture. It's about community. It's about travel and the environment. It's about learning. It's about connection to your body, to your heart, to your fellow man; it's about connection to your work, your team, your professional network, and the customers you serve. It's about connection with your true human potential.

Achievement is a great servant and a terrible master

Making achievement the goal in life can easily lead to a life of loneliness and emptiness, despite the full bank account it generates. Achievement is a vehicle, not a destination. The things that matter in life have to be the goal, and all the things that matter most involve our heart-connection to them. Connection is the goal; achievement, the vehicle to get there in increasing ways.

How I connect and empower achievement

As a professional trainer and coach, I help individuals and teams re-frame their perspectives, overcome their limiting beliefs, and embrace the great adventure of committing to a life of daring achievement. Some specific outcomes include empowering participants to generate more leads in their business, close more sales, develop an authentic and unbeatable customer experience, build stronger teams, and strengthen communication skills.

I've been writing and teaching on living a life of connection and daring achievement for over a decade. I'm the author of seven published book, including my latest work of fiction, Meeting The Muse. I'm also a regular contributor at the Huffington Post. My articles have been liked and shared over 200,000 times on Facebook and other social media sites and my first novel, God's Grammar, reached the top 10 list (peaking at 7th position) of the most downloaded kindle books on Amazon.com.

What motivates me to do my best work

I'm passionate about training, inspiring and equipping others. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than empowering others to live up to their true human potential, to embrace the challenge of achieving in greater ways, and to experience the joy of more connection within their world.

Interested in working together?

If you would like to discuss how I might be of service to your organisation, please send me a quick email to start the conversation. I'd love to connect and discuss further.