About Mick Mooney

Hi, I’m Mick,

I’m a lot of things, but at the heart of it all, I'm an avid learner, human guinea pig, and constant explorer.

I’m passionate about learning, curious about the things that seem impossible to figure out, and fascinated by the unlimited potential of the human mind.

I attempt to reach the edges of big ideas, willingly fall down rabbit holes in the attempt to process new insights, and then distil down what I’ve discovered and share it with others in meaningful and practical ways. I do this through writing, speaking, workshops (corporate and individual) and online courses.

I’m the host of Exploring Human Potential, author of seven books, including my latest: Meeting The Muse, and a regular contributor at the Huffington Post.

In the business world, I’ve worked as an executive on a national healthcare franchise, run my own marketing and publishing company, and helped high profile CEOs and C level executives reposition themselves into their own consulting practices.

My aim in life is simple: What I want for myself I want for everyone: To stay inspired, to never stop learning, and to activate my true human potential.

Life is short, love long.

Blue skies,


How I Can Help

For training to be effective it needs to be empowering through practical tools & resources; it also needs to be engaging and motivating through insight, example, and a high level of enthusiasm and authenticity. I aim to achieve this in all my training resources and workshops.


One day interactive workshops designed to engage, equip and empower you and your organisation.


Keynote messages that motivate and inspire, with practical takeaways to empower personal and professional development.

Online Courses

World class training courses on a range of topics that allow for self-paced learning and clear action steps to success.