Let the Genie Out

"Everyone has a story to tell." - Mick Money

Meeting The Muse

An entertaining and inspiring tale that personifies Inspiration and takes the main character, Milton, on a tour of ‘the Mansion of the Muse’. This book seeks to answer the question: “How can I tap into my inspiration, and what happens once I do?” An inspiring book that uses the power of storytelling to educate and inspire the reader to pursue their goals creatively and with a good dose of hustle.

Key Themes: Creativity, Productivity & How Connection Attracts Inspiration

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"Thank you Mick Mooney for a lively, and enlightening training session. We all came away with new ideas and processes which we will incorporate into our daily working lives."

Tony Blackie
CEO, Blackie McDonald Communication Group

"It is such a privilege to work with Mick and experience his generous spirit and positive energy. "

Roslyn Richardson
Director, Crescendo Communications

"Behind everything Mick does is passion, drive for success, talent and vision for what he is trying to achieve. He is very inspirational to work with and someone who gives generously of himself."

Trish Noakes
Founder, Just Better Care

"Mick a born leader who has helped me get focused and recharged to take action within my business. He was able to easily identify issues within my company along with creative ideas to get me to rethink my strategy to execute a better action plan."

Samantha Shepphard
Founder, Tranquillity Hair


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