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I’m a novelist and non-fiction author of eight published books and countless articles. Highlights: Some of my articles have been shared over 100,000 times through social media. My debut novel was the 7th most downloaded Kindle in Dec 2012. 

Executive Coach

I help executive leaders leverage their personal brand to achieve corporate goals faster. Specifically, I provide support, insight, and a process to communicate your values and stories to your team and broader marketplace in a compelling and authentic way


I speak on a range of themes based on my major works. Creativity and Purpose, Human Connection, Storytelling for Change, & Values-led Personal Branding.

This is Possible

The stories we tell ourselves, tell each other, and tell the marketplace make or break our plans for change, progress, contribution and transformation. When you're a storyteller, all thing are possible.

Leverage the Art & Science of Business Storytelling

Tell someone details and they will nod in agreement then forget what you said a second later. Wrap your details in a compelling story and they’ll be retelling it over and over again. Crafting strategic stories is powerful. It can play a significant roll in shifting your business growth from incremental to exponential in nature. I can help you and your organisation nail it and scale it.

"Mick Mooney has written the essential guide to Business Storytelling, showing why stories drive business performance. This fast-paced book is chocked full of examples so you can tap into the power of storytelling at your work. "

Paul Zak
Neuroscientist and best selling author of Trust Factor

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