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At the end of the day, we all want more out of work then just dollars in the bank. We want to build relationships, to enjoy human connection, to make friends, to find ways to add value simply for the joy of it, and to experience a greater sense of purpose and wonder in our lives.

We also want to thrive in our work, to help others make positive decisions, to develop our influence and ability to make our words and actions memorable. We want to achieve more and help others achieve more, too.

The superpower that helps facilitate all these desires is storytelling, and it's never been more relevant in business than in today's corporate world. Storytelling works at work. It looks like Clark Kent, simple and relatable, but it delivers transformational results like Superman.

Learn How To Activate Your Superpowers

Leading Change, Powered By Storytelling

Leveraging our human intuition to understand times of change through stories, this facilitated workshop will empower leaders to craft and share their own compelling change narrative.

Leading With Linkedin, Powered By Storytelling

Learn a powerful process for leveraging Linkedin to build your company culture and values, develop a greater level of trust and connection, and expand your leadership reach.

Presentations That Stick, Powered By Storytelling

In the age of unprecedented change, it's more important than ever for leaders to develop a new and more effective way of engaging and connecting with people while presenting.

Trust Me, I'm Human

"Mick Mooney has written the essential guide to Business Storytelling, showing why stories drive business performance. This fast-paced book is chocked full of examples so you can tap into the power of storytelling at your work."

- Paul Zak, Neuroscientist & Bestselling Author of Trust Factor

"Thank you Mick Mooney for a lively, and enlightening training session. We all came away with new ideas and processes which we will incorporate into our daily working lives."

Tony Blackie
CEO, Blackie McDonald Communication Group

"Thanks for speaking with our team and inspiring them to lead through storytelling."

Joanne Woo
VP, Communications, GE Australia

"It is such a privilege to work with Mick and experience his generous spirit and positive energy. "

Roslyn Richardson
Director, Crescendo Communications

"Behind everything Mick does is passion, drive for success, talent and vision for what he is trying to achieve. He is very inspirational to work with and someone who gives generously of himself."

Trish Noakes
Founder, Just Better Care

"Mick's a born leader who has helped me get focused and recharged to take action within my business. He was able to easily identify issues within my company along with creative ideas to get me to rethink my strategy to execute a better action plan."

Samantha Shepphard
Founder, Tranquillity Hair