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For Organisations

  • I story coach leaders to develop their skills in creating and telling better stories in order to improve their internal and external communication.
  • I train teams to become better storytellers through interactive workshops, developing an authentic storytelling culture.
  • I facilitate senior leadership teams to create a compelling story narrative around their strategic plan to assist with the roll out across organisational departments and inspire their teams to authentically align to company goals.

For Thought Leaders

  • I story coach Thought Leaders to capture their IP and convert it into their own business book. This is a full service offer, from writing, publishing, and promoting the book, and ensuring it positions a Thought Leader as the authority in their domain of expertise.

For Sales Teams

  • I train sales teams (and client facing teams that need to step up and take a more active role in the sales process) in leveraging the art of storytelling to make more genuine connections in the  sales process. I also equip teams to use the framework of 'the Hero's Journey' story structure to better understand their prospects & clients fears and motivations, and how to effectively empower them to move successfully through their own hero's journey.


"Thank you Mick Mooney for a lively, and enlightening training session. We all came away with new ideas and processes which we will incorporate into our daily working lives."

- Tony Blackie, CEO, Blackie McDonald Communications Group