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The Price of Authenticity In Work & Life

One day a young man was walking down a busy side street in the middle of town when he noticed a small new shop. It was unusual because it was the only shop with no customers inside. To either side people were busy purchasing shirts and watches and the latest gizmos. The empty shop was selling none of these modern items; instead, it was selling values.

The young man wandered inside and discovered to his amazement that indeed the shop was selling values. He approached the counter, asking, “Can I purchase any value I wish?”

The shopkeeper nodded, “Of course. Which one would you like, Sir?”

The young man fidgeted on the spot, then spoke up, stating, “Well, lately I've been thinking a lot about authenticity. I would like to be authentic in my job, but I feel I often end up playing the corporate game and wearing a kind of mask instead. I have tried to be authentic myself, but haven't succeeded.” He looked up and smiled, “But if I can simply...

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