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Tell your stories. Express Your ideas. Attempt the unreasonable.


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My current writing project is a very ambitious one--it's a 21 book Sci-Fi novel series called Progress Above All. Set 60 years in the future, it explores just how far humanity might go with the push of technology, and what would happen if someone unplugged from it and went into 'the wild.'


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"Mick Mooney successfully articulates what many of us are or have been experiencing. His work is always edifying and liberating to read. He has his finger on the pulse and creates compulsive reads which really resonate with me. He is challenging, funny and astute in equal measure and I am a huge fan."

- Amazon Reviewer

"Wow, what a book. It's one of those books that you just cannot NOT write a review about, one you cannot help but telling everybody you know they should also read it."

- Amazon Reviewer