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Want to Get More Out of Business and Life? Try Asking . . .it works!

What would happen if for the next five days you asked for more?

More of what?

More of everything. More assistance. More business. More clarity. More patience. More help. More referrals. 

Asking is the opposite of assuming. For some reason, we find it far easier to make assumptions, than to make requests. But there is power in asking. Jesus once gave a simple math talk on the topic, explaining how the equation works: “Ask, and you shall receive.”

It’s simple math, right? You don’t have to listen to Jesus to accept the logic of it. It’s common sense, and it’s been proven by every successful entrepreneur in the game of business. To increase your opportunities to exchange value in the marketplace and in your personal relationships, you have to get comfortable with asking for more, more often. (The flip side to this, is the more you ask, the more open you become to giving when others ask, too. It’s a win, win for everyone.)

So if the equation really is a simple as that, what stops us asking for more, more often? One word: Assumptions.

Assumptions are silent assassins. To ask more often, you have to first remove the assumptions from the scene!

The roadblocks

The usual suspects (all of them assumptions) for not asking include:

  • Assuming people are to busy to assist you
  • Assuming people can’t afford your services
  • Assuming people will think you’re dumb if you ask for clarity
  • Assuming it’s everyone else’s fault
  • Assuming your requests will be denied  

The way forward

So with all these assumptions floating around in our heads, it seems perfectly justified to not ask. Why ask, when we’ve assumed we’ll be bombarded with No’s.

You should ask anyway, because assumptions are the mother of all, well, you know! Basically, assumptions have a terrible track record. Asking, on the other hand, consistently delivers results. But you have to ask! That’s the kicker. 

So how about it? The next five days, be mindful of asking for more. It’s not just about ‘getting’ from others. Often, asking is about giving also, and nearly always there is an exchange of value in the process. 

Ask! It’s a simple action, but it just might change the course of your whole life if you manage to make a habit out of it. 

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