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Three Reasons Gratitude Will Build Your Business Faster Than Being a Task Master

There’s a power certain leaders have, a kind of magic, that is hard to quantify. Their staff are super achievers. Their businesses flourish and grow regardless of the economic climate. They have buy-in to their vision from not only their team, but the marketplace too. 

So what is it? What is their secret?

I dare to say that more than anything else, it’s their habitual practice of gratitude. 

Here’s three practical ways gratitude can build your business faster than defaulting to tracking tasks and crunching numbers.

Gratitude draws you to focus on the important things

As leaders, we naturally do a lot of thinking in business, but if all that thinking is about tasks, not people, we’ll always miss the forest for the trees. Task are important. They need to get done. But your team are human. They have a world of insights, passions, and abilities that stretch far beyond the tasks they may be responsible for.

Taking the time to think of them with gratitude, lifts your thoughts higher than the tasks they contribute to completing. It lifts your thoughts higher, to think of them in their strengths, and when we do this, our thoughts are also lifted higher about our own role, about our business, and about how the team can reach higher levels of results. Gratitude lifts our thoughts, starting with the individuals we are being grateful for, and continuing to lift our thoughts about ourselves and our business as well.

Gratitude helps you see your team members’ hidden superpowers

Spending a few minutes being grateful for the individuals on the team, helps you to be more mindful, and more connected; in these moments of practicing gratitude, you are more likely to connect a team member to their strengths that they aren’t using in their current role, or current list of responsibilities. Your team has superpowers that lay beneath the surface, and we all want our superpowers to be found. We make it easy for others to discover them if they will only seek them out, even just a little.
So how to you discover these superpowers? As a leader, spend some time being grateful for your staff, thinking about them as individuals, and go through some of the attributes they have you are grateful for. Don’t be surprised that you suddenly become aware of some much needed strengths that can be applied into your business. We all long to use our superpowers. If you find them in your team, they’ll be more than happy to apply them to the benefit of the business.

Gratitude makes you remember doing business is meant to feel good

The daily grind, as it’s commonly known, doesn’t sound all that enjoyable. The rat race sounds even worse. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Business is all about creating and exchanging value. Business is an amazing part of life. It is a place you can work with others to supercharge an idea, and deliver huge value to an ever expanding base of clients. Practicing gratitude brings you back to all the good things.

Be grateful for your clients, for the marketplace, for your team, for the advantages you have in business. Be grateful for the competition, that they are motivating you to continue to grow, to innovate, to improve. Most of all, be grateful for your team. Gratitude is the closest thing we have to magic in this world. It’s can’t be explained, but when you practice it, things change for the better; business grows; we grow; those around us give more, share more, love more.

When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated; instead of racing for another coffee or opening up another spreadsheet, close your door, take a deep breath, and think through what and who you can be grateful for. Gratitude changes things, your levels of stress and frustration included.

If you want to grow your business, resist the urge to be a task master and start using magic instead. Make gratitude a daily practice.

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