Replacing Comparison with Gratitude

Everything one can forfeit their contentment and happiness over, bemoaning their position in life, was likely the dreams and fantasies of people living centuries ago.
We look at what the person next to us, our contemporaries, and fall into sadness, depressed at our lot in life.
It is a destructive way to live.
If you are compelled to compare your lot in life to someone else (and it’s better to avoid comparison with anyone!), do it with the person living 100 years ago, or a 1,000 years ago.
We are all kings and queens by comparison.
We all all living in royal quarters.
We all have access to things only the kings and queens of the past had access to, and very often not even they had what we have.
No matter how small your home is, it is multiples in the size of the homes of the past, with luxuries beyond even the dreams of the centuries gone by.
Sure, the Jones’s next door have it better than you. Bigger house, fancier car, better holidays.
How misfortunate to choose the Jones’s, your contemporaries, as your reference point on the benefits of your own life!
Replace comparison with gratitude. Stare through the lens of gratitude for as long as it takes for the things of infinite glory and blessing to come into focus.

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