Love Starts With Self

Love starts with self, because we are all in fact one.
When we fail to love ourselves, we remain disconnected from the very source of loving anyone, everyone, everything fully and joyfully.
To love yourself is not selfish, it’s the requirement for loving in the purest and most selfless of ways.
Where do you end and God starts?
How can you love God but not yourself?
How can you seperate the two? How can you divide them?
And what of all your brothers and sisters in the whole of humanity abiding in the heart of God? Can you sub divide them, carve God’s heart into fields for your benefit of loving some and loathing others? Love one group, and dismiss the others? Can you subdivide God’s heart for your own purposes?
Can you actually choose to love only a portion?
Within you is God, and within God is All. Where do you end and God begins?
If you hate yourself, where does that hate end? How can it stop from spilling into God?
To love yourself is not selfish. It is the ONLY way to be able to love at all.
Love yourself the way you love God.
With humility.
With gratitude.
With joy.
Love yourself first. Love yourself, forgive yourself, be graceful to yourself, be kind to yourself!
Love yourself with humility, with gratitude, with joy—and within the wide open fields of your own heart, you will quickly find the path that leads to a love for all.
To love the whole, start with love for self.
It’s not selfish. It’s divine.
Love draws no lines of division.
It’s all or nothing.

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