Life's Message Is Wordless

Life is a wonder when you allow yourself to look without the lens of external narratives pressed upon you.
When you don’t look through the narratives that support the hatred of one group, or mistrust of another, or envy of yet another.
If you filter reality through the message and narrative of the few who hold the loudspeaker directed to the masses, life becomes a distorted fable designed to match a distorted narrative.
Yet life itself does have a message for you.
It does not communicate it in words.
It does not communicate it through a human mouthpiece.
It does not speak in exclusive circles.
It does not speak at all in words, in sentences, in narratives.
But if you engage in silence, you will sense the true and wonderful message of life. It will impress upon you the reality of wonder, of beauty, of love, of possibility, of grandeur, of splendour, of equality, of promise, of glory for all and in all.
This message has no words. To hear it, you must lay down your obsession with the words and narrative handed to you, forced on you, ingrained in you.
The message of life in its fullness is wordless, and stands truest and upon the strongest of foundations when you put your trust in it instead of the narratives society tries to substitute it with.
Every narrative that uses words is faulty.
Step into life. Don’t talk in your head. Don’t wait for words to talk to you.
Just look. Be aware. Be open.
Let the wordless narrative of life reveal how you are living in a wonder, you are a wonder, and all is well with your soul.

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