Life is Not Defined by Wings

fiction parable
One morning, high in its nest, a young bird looked out at all the other creatures of the forest below them, and asked its mother, “Why doesn’t every creature fly?”
The mother replied, “Because they are not all birds.”
“But flying is so wonderful,” said the baby bird.
“When you get older,” the mother replied, “you’ll realise there are many wonderful things the lizard does, and the bear does, the ant does, and the rabbit does, that you cannot. We are not all designed the same. But we are all equal.”
“How can we be equal, when we have wings and they do not?”
The mother bird smiled at her little child, and said, “Because life is not defined by wings.”
“Of course it is!” The baby bird cried out. The mother only smiled. “I was once a baby bird too, and just like you, I thought the same.”
“And now?” The baby bird asked.
“And now I don’t look for wings on creatures to decide if they are fortunate or not. I simply see them for what they are—and when you can view your fellow creatures of the forest that way, the forest won’t change, but you will. You’ll no longer look for wings in order to judge the value of another, and that my child, changes everything.”

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