Don't Miss Your Moment

You have time.
You have a path yet to be carved out.
You have a dream yet to be expressed in the world.
You have a calling that still calls, a thought that still draws you back to think over, a purpose that cannot and will not leave you alone.
You didn’t miss the moment.
You are in the moment.
Right now.
Right here.
Right in this precious moment, there you are, with time, with a dream, with a purpose and a path waiting to be carved out.
The past is not your place.
The future is not your place.
It’s this present precious moment! This moment is your place! This minute, this hour, this day!
It is not too late.
You did not miss the moment.
But will you let go of that belief?
Will you let go of believing your one perfect moment in time—to pursue a dream, a call, a purpose—has passed you by?
How do you know what combination of experiences has been required to live through in order to bless you with all you need to take that brave and mighty leap, to commit fully, to pursue that dream that does not fade when you wake?
You are here, right now, right in this moment, with a vast combination of experiences behind you.
Now is the moment.
Forget the days gone by.
Ignore the fantasies of the days not yet here.
Take hold of the only day that is real, the only one that matters, that ever matters—today. This day, this hour, this moment!
Your dream matters.
Your calling matters.
You idea matters.
Your purpose matters.
You matter.
You didn’t miss your moment.
It’s right here, right now.
Be brave. Take hold of it. Believe it matters!

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