Creating Your Masterpiece

The goal is not to become famous for your craft, but to master your craft.

The goal is creating your best, not being known as the best.

The goal is personal achievement.

And what is your craft? It could be anything.

It is the thing calling you, nudging, and the longer you ignore it, haunting you.

It does not have to be something that will change the world. It is simply something that will change you if you commit to it.

It will be your vehicle for expression.

It will be your light for purpose.

It is not fashioned in the form of current culture.

It's not instant.

It's not a sound bite.

It's a lifelong pursuit of mastery, with many great attempts along the way.
It is one fine idea you try to express in a way that you are perfectly satisfied with.

That is the way of the artist.

But it's more than that. It's really the way of the human, for we are all artists.

We are all called in some way to work towards mastering a craft of some kind and daring to produce a masterpiece out of that one fine idea lodged deep within us.

Don't let the trappings of the world succeed in pulling you away from the very thing that your spirit is seeking.

Be an artist.

Don't focus on the accolades, only the outcome—a life of pursuit for the chance at producing something worthy of being called a masterpiece.

It's the big leap.

It's the biggest of all.

Follow your heart.

Bet on yourself.

Invest your life in creating something only you can create.
Dare to make it more than average, put it all on the line, make it a masterpiece.

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