About Mick

I began writing as a kid. It started with comic strips and moved to songwriting and poetry, before moving up to short stories and eventually becoming a novelist.

My first novel (God's Grammar) was the 7th most downloaded Kindle around Xmas of 2012. In 2015 was one of the most read contributors on the Huffingtong Post, with my articles being shared via social media a few hundred thousand times. I've published 8 books, with more on the way!

I've also built a few businesses along the way to support my writing habit.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my two wild and wonderful kids and my wife Mira.

Why Storytelling?

I'm passionate about the power of story because I've come to understand that it is the most effective (and engaging) way to express any message that you care deeply about. I care about people, about freedom, about purpose; about trust and self-leadership, and about grace.

I write in the hope of expressing these great themes in a way that makes a difference to the lives of others.

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