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Mick is the author of the Progress Above All series, as well as ten other published books. He has written on many different themes, each with a focus on human nature, the connection to life, inspiration, and divine moments. In recent years, Mick has focused on science fiction as an interesting vehicle to find and tell a creative, insightful and thought-provoking story.  

Mick lives with his family in Australia. 


If you want to speak truth, write fiction


Mick has often said, "If you want to speak truth, write fiction." His writing always aims at creating new thoughts and new perspectives, while making sure that the primary goal is an entertaining and engaging story. Novels are a great way to entertain and also explore important themes in our individual and collective lives.

Science Fiction is a great vehicle to explore important themes, from sociological to theological, from philosophical to biological. This ambitious series attempts to deliver an enthralling adventure of a story, intertwined with important themes related to the past, present and future. The Progress Above All series tackles all these elements in a unique, inspiring and unexpected way. 

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