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Follow Your Heart

Mar 11, 2021

Replacing Comparison with Gratitude

Mar 09, 2021

Embrace What Is Yours

Mar 08, 2021

Story Leadership

If you'd like to learn more about my training company, "Story Leadership" you can click through to view the website. You can also learn here all the different services available including online courses, executive coaching, virtual and live workshop, facilitation, and keynote speaking options.

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Micromacro Agency

My content agency specialises in B2B thought leadership content for senior leaders. I coach and create a range of engaging, authentic content pieces to  be used on LinkedIn and other platorms

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About Mick

I began writing as a kid. It started with comic strips and moved to songwriting and poetry, before moving up to short stories and eventually becoming a novelist.

My first novel (God's Grammar) was the 7th most downloaded Kindle around Xmas of 2012. In 2015 was one of the most read contributors on the Huffingtong Post, with my articles being shared via social media a few hundred thousand times. I've published 8 books, with more on the way!

I've also built a few businesses along the way to support my writing habit.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my two wild and wonderful kids and my wife Mira.

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Get Motivated To Chase That Dream in Your Heart

I wrote the short tale, "Meeting the Muse" to inspire you to pursue the creative idea you have kicking around inside your heart. Join my newsletter to get a free audio-book version right now. It's great, and it might be just what you need to spark your creativity and find your courage to take action and share with the world what only you can give!

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"This novel was timely in my own clarity of purpose. I believe that all of us have a desire to make an impact on the world, to make life better, to inspire goodness." - Amazon reviewer